Babysitter Safety

by Christa Smith

Many parents have to leave their children in the hands of someone else while they are at work.  A fear that many parents face though, is wondering if that person will care for their child the same way they would.

This is why one parent says she doesn't let just anyone watch her daughters.  "I think it's real important definitely to do a background check on your sitter, see if they have any kind of history," Misti Jones told us.

While that is a good way to start, experts say you have to know who ever is watching your kids is up to the challenge.   In order to help prepare teenagers, the city of Nacogdoches is holding a babysitting education class on June 28.  During the class they will learn how to change a diaper, safety precautions and how to stay calm when the kids get out of control.

This class is full but the organizers say they are trying to get another class together for July.