Car Stereo Thefts

Brady Pollino knows vehicle stereo system thefts are a huge problem in East Texas.

"You know, it's really sad that people have to go out and steal and take from others," Pollino said.

Pollino has been installing car stereo systems for 17 years.  He says customers come to his store all the time looking to replace stolen car stereo equipment.

"Not only do we see ones that are after market, you know the big boom systems, but we even see some that were the original factory ones being stolen out of customer's cars," Pollino told us.

Lufkin police tell us vehicle burglaries happen all over East Texas everyday. They believe one reason they're so common is because state penalties are so light.

"I know of one young man that lives here in Lufkin that's been convicted 12 times of burglary motor vehicle and yet he's still out today," Lt. David Young of the Lufkin Police Department told us.

Lufkin police say they would like to see the state upgrade motor vehicle burglary to a felony. They say that way the crime would carry stiffer penalties, and would probably happen less. But until then, there are several things you can do to protect your vehicle.

Experts tell us if your cd player has a detachable face, the best way to guard against theft is to simply remove the face and take it with you when you get out of your vehicle.

To protect factory CD players and speakers, experts recommend keeping your music at a reasonable volume.

They say playing your music too loud is like advertising to thieves.

As for alarm systems:

"Unfortunately, they've become so popular and they go off for so many different reasons that a lot of people just don't pay attention to them anymore," Lt. Young said.

But experts say the best thing to do is keep your doors locked and your alarm system on just in case.