Game Wardens are Cracking Down on Vacationers BWI

It's been raining all week, but that won't stop East Texas vacationers from heading to the lake to kick off the Independence Day holiday.

Etoile Park is always a popular place for jet skiing, fishing and swimming. Area game wardens will be on the lookout for drunk boaters this weekend and all throughout the summer.

They've already issued several citations for BWI this year. Authorities are encouraging boaters to avoid drinking alcohol altogether while on the water.

State Game Warden Timothy Walker said, "There's a lot of hazards on the water that people aren't aware of and when you get people together having a good time, they seem to be a little more inattentive. There's a lot to consider, especially when there's a lot of people playing and having a good time together."

Remember, boating while intoxicated carries the same penalty as driving while intoxicated. If you plan to spend your summer vacation out on the lake, be sure to have a responsible lookout on board who is at least 13 years old.