Second Victim Dies From June Fire

A second victim of a Nacogdoches house fire has died. Edgar Garcia, 24,  passed away on Wednesday in a Dallas hospital. He was Lifeflighted there last Friday to be treated for severe burns on 80 % of his body. An autopsy will be performed. On June 29th, the day of the fire, Mary Alison Hill, 31, died in the fire.

According to Sheriff Thomas Kerss the fire has been ruled accidental. Investigators suspect the blaze was started by a candle setting near the couch, or possibly a cigarette.  Family members say Hill frequently burned candles.

A state fire marshal collected evidence from the fire as Hill's neighbors watched. They knew her Allison.  One neighbor, Wayne Sparks was awakened around four in the morning by pounding fists on his door. Little did he know it was Garcia, Hill's friend. He was making a desperate plea for help. Sparks said,  " I didn't know what was going on so, that's why I wanted someone to look and see who was outside the door before I opened it. "

Sparks called his mother, Linda Sparks,  who lives next door. She checked out the commotion.   Sparks said,  " I hollered, 'What's going on?', and this voice said I need help. And I went and called 911 and asked for an ambulance and the sheriff department not knowing."

Not knowing the house was engulfed in flames. The blaze had already burned much of Garcia's body. The smoke is believed to have killed Hill. Sparks' second 911 call was to report a house fire. Sheriff Kerss said,  "The deputies tried to make entry in the house to retrieve her, but the flames and the density of the heat was too great, they didn't get in. "

The house that burned is just outside the city limits. Once firefighters were notified they quickly arrived and put the fire out.

Neighbors say all week the single mom fretted over the safety of her ten year old daughter's first trip to summer camp. Linda Sparks said,  " I thought an awful lot of Alison. She had her ups and downs, bless her heart, but I thought a lot of her and the little girl. I don't know what's going to become of her. " Authorities say the girl is with her father and grandmother knowing that she'll never have an opportunity to tell her mom what all she did at summer camp.