Troop Support

Bill and Elaine Cameron met in the army while serving in the Vietnam War

"We met in Vietnam in 1970 and married in 1971," said Elaine.

Thirty six years later their marriage is still going strong. Today they attended red Friday at memorial hospital, an event aimed at showing support for us troops serving overseas and their families. As army veterans, Bill and Elaine say it was important for them to attend.

"Having had the honor and opportunity to serve myself and know that the folks at home are behind you means a lot," said Bill.

"It's a very important thing for the community to stand behind the soldiers as well as behind their families," said Elaine.

Elaine says she's been on both sides.

She served in Vietnam with Bill. And years later when bill served in desert storm, she was home taking care of their children.

"Just to know that people are behind them. That they have a listening ear. Or are willing to help people that they know in their area who may need a hand while dad's gone or mom's gone," said Elaine.

Elaine tells us it's that type of community support that helped her cope while Bill served in Desert Storm.