iPhone Frenzy

by Christa Smith

For weeks now many people have been waiting to get the new iPhone.  A new cell phone that Apple and AT&T created with iPod, email and phone capabilities.  "About two weeks ago I said I'm going to go get that phone so here I am," Thomas Johns told us.

He sat in his chair outside the store for nearly twelve hours, watching the line behind him grow as the day went on.  He would have been there even longer if he could have.  "First time I got here on Wednesday about noon but after five hours the property manager sent me packing saying there was no overnight camping allowed.  So, I got here this morning about six."

People from all over East Texas soon joined him.  Some from Center and some even from Longview.  They all agree that this hot new item is one they have to have.  But this new phone comes with a high price.  They start at $500 but if you want the best you're going to pay closer to $700.  True iPhone fanatics don't seem to care. Johns said, "Price is not a barrier.  I want the phone."

When the store closed Friday night they still had some phones left but would not say how many.