Police Officer Honored

by Christa Smith

July 4th will be the 10 month anniversary of when a Diboll police officer was hit by a drunk driver.  It was the day officer Don Mitchell's life changed forever.

He was pulled over on the side of HWY 59 on a routine traffic stop when a drunk driver crashed into him.  His ankle and back were severely injured and his mood was crushed. "I don't work anymore and all I do is sit at home basically.  It's really caused a lot of depression, me for not being able to work," he told us.

But his fellow officers knew they wouldn't forget his hard work and dedication.  They wanted to show him just how much they cared. "Lets go ahead and do the golf tournament where the proceeds will go to him and his family to help with their financial needs," his coworker Ramiro DeJesus said.  While having him off the force is hard, they are just happy he's still around.

Though he's not out fighting crime he has a message for anyone who drinks and drives.  "These drunk drivers need to consider the consequences of other people and not only other people but what happens or what could happen to them."