Fine With Me - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

7/01/07 - Lufkin

Fine With Me

by Ryan Peterson

Mark Wiedenfeld is riding the bench and that's okay.  It's actually saving him money.  The First United Methodist softball team is all about the Benjamins.  Or at least Washington and Lincoln.  If a player makes an error, pops out or grounds out, they get fined.

"We figured we've got to make us play a little better so we'd fine each other for bone headed mistakes," Wiedenfeld says.

The heaviest penalty comes with striking out.  That carries a five dollar fine.  Brent Slayton struck out twice.

"it was a no nothing game," Slayton says.  "I figured let's build the pot a little and that's what I did it for."

All of the money goes toward the churches youth ministry.

"At the end of the season we'll collect it," Wiedenfeld says.  "I've already paid five. I think I'm the only way who's paid so far."

The guys are good for it.

"It's worth it," Slayton says.  "Hopefully we can send a bunch of kids to youth camp."

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