No New Traffic Laws will Take Effect this Summer

If you get an email describing in detail the latest traffic laws in Texas, delete it. The message lists new fines and penalties for several different moving violations, including driving in the carpool lane, driving on the shoulder and using a cell phone without a hands free headset. The entire email is a fake.

Department of Public Safety trooper, Greg Sanches, said, "It appears that it's from Austin stating there's some new laws that did go into effect July 1, but that is a bogus email."

Most new laws passed in the State of Texas take effect September 1st, not during the summer, but highway authorities realize it is almost impossible to tell a real email from a fake.

"They may just want to call me here at the D.P.S.", said Sanches. "That's what I'm [here] for is to inform the public of any kind of laws or safety [issues]."

The Texas departments of transportation and public safety in Lufkin have both gotten phone calls from concerned drivers about the bogus email. While there are no new traffic laws on the books - specifically about cell phones, seatbelts or carpooling - highway authorities always encourage drivers to be safe and alert behind the wheel.

"We're just asking people don't drink and drive, wear your safety belts and just be courteous drivers," said Kathi White, TxDot spokesperson.

D.P.S. said the wrong information in the widely circulated email is the result of incorrect information posted on various web sites.

For more information or to learn about the latest traffic laws in Texas, go to the Texas Department of Public Safety's web site.