Around East Texas 07/03/07

Carthage Soldier Killed

Devastating news for the family of an East Texas soldier after they learn their loved one will not be returning back home. 26-year old James Lee Adair of Carthage was killed last week after he was hit by a road side bomb. The news comes just two weeks before Adair and his wife Chelsea would have celebrated their first anniversary. And, just two months before they were expecting their first child, a baby girl. Funeral arrangements are still pending.

Pharmacy Robber Hospitalized

A man charged with the aggravated robbery of a San Augustine pharmacy is in a Galveston hospital. Robert Maloy was transported there Monday afternoon when his liver and kidneys began to fail. Maloy had spent several nights running form authorities. They caught up with him Friday in the Camp Worth area of San Augustine county. The van he was driving was found in the same area earlier in the day. Maloy apparently was staying in a vacant camphouse. That's where officers found an ice pick, duct tape, medications and cash. At the time of the robery employees were threatened with an ice pick and bound with duct tape. Two officers are staying with Maloy during his hospitalization. Bond has been set at 100-thousand dollars.

Best and Worst Legislators

After every legislative session, Texas Monthly Magazine names their best and worst legislators. They also name certain legislators as "furniture." This is a term to describe legislators who are no more consequential than the chairs they sit in. State representative Wayne Christian of Center received the dubious distinction, along with eight other legislators. The magazine wrote "the sin lies not in being furniture, but in failing to recognize it." Christian is on vacatin this week, but his aide reminded us that his boss was named the "Most Conservative Legislator" from the statewide volunteer group, The Texas Eagle Forum. Christian was also given the "taxpayer hero award" from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.

Ambulance Involved in Accident

An accident involving three vehicles, an ambulance, an 18-wheeler and a truck, sent at least one person to the hospital. The accident happened around six o'clock Monday evening, off Highway 59 in Diboll. Police say a red truck pulled out in front of an 18-wheeler and ambulance. The rig couldn't stop and swerved to miss him and hit both truck and ambulance. It sent the truck flying into the ditch. That driver was sent to the hospital. His injuries are unknown. The ambulance with two paramedics and a patient in the back suffered minor injuries. Police believe the patient was transported by another ambiulance. The driver of the 18-wheeler is said to be OK. Traffic had to be diverted. Investigators say citations could be issued.

Water Safety

East Texas game wardens expect plenty of boaters to be on area lakes on the fourth of July. Boaters can expect to see a lot of game wardens as well. They will be making sure you stay safe and abide by the law. Boating while intoxicated or B-W-I is just one of many safety hazards for boaters. Remember, avoid getting behind the wheel of a boat if you've been drinking, drive your boat at a safe speed, watch out for low water areas or submerged objects and always wear a personal floatation device (PDF) or life jacket. Game wardens say a little courtesy and a little cooperation with one another, and paying attention to what's happening around you will go a long way to ensure your safety.

Joyriding Motorcycle Accident

A Lufkin man who lost control while driving a motorcycle over the weekend is now in stable condition. The accident happened in the K-Mart parking lot in Lufkin on Saturday. Police say 34-year old Alfonso Rojo was test driving a motorcycle that a friend recently purchased. Police say somehow he accelerated too fast and lost control of the bike and was thrown against the wall of the store. He was not wearing a helmet.

Proposed County Jail

The Smith County Commissioners Court has approved a preliminary jail motion which is a sort of guideline for future jail plans. It includes a jail located in downtown Tyler at Spring and Elm Streets. Other specifics, the new plan must include a range of beds, between 11-hundred and one-thousand-360 beds. It must have an infirmary with 48 holding cells. They're asking for multi-occupancy rooms on each flood. And, the new jail must carry Smith County through the year 2025. The preliminary price tag for the proposed jail is 134 million dollars, but the court believes that can be lowered.

A-T-V Accident

Blood alcohol results are in. The test reveals an East Texas driver, involved in a fatal A-T-V crash, had twice the legal amount of alcohol in his system at the time of the crash. 28-year old Juan Trujillo Perez is charged with manslaughter in the death of his seven-year old niece. Titus County Sheriff's investigators say the girl fell off an A-T-V in April and was then run over by it.

Plan Backfires for Landlord

Nacogdoches antique dealers don't have too much empathy for a landlord who told them to vacate a building six months ago. Today, the Woodmen of the World building on Main Street in Nacogdoches sits empty. The tenants they were making room for never moved in and now say they intend to. Today, several antique dealers have relocated down the street. The former manager of the Antique Mall says she doubts anyone would even consider moving back. "No way. I like being my own boss and I think everybody else do too. That was OK, but we didn't have the freedom we got now," said Carolyn Price. Antique Dealer Gary Robinson added, "We've already adjusted in here and there's been some other buildings that have come open since I moved in here and as you can see we've got lots of inventory and it took us a lot to get in here." The dealers agree it's unfortunate that they had to rush out of the "WOW" building. Before it sat empty for half a year.