Biomass Plant Meeting Reax

The gym at the Hope Center of North Lufkin is empty. But not long ago, more than a hundred people were here for a town hall meeting. The topic? The proposed biomass plant in North Lufkin.

"I think the presentation went very well with outlining the positives of a plant in North Lufkin, but still the community is divided," said Linda Pendlan, Director of the Hope Center of North Lufkin.

Divided not only by concerns that the plant may be hazardous, but also by a zoning issue.

"The ten acres of land that they're talking about rezoning, that still left some with some weariness as to what's going to happen," Pendlan added.

Many residents worry that if the 10 acres of land is rezoned, it might lead to more unwanted businesses being built in their neighborhood.

Apsen Power officials say they plan to use the additional 10 acres to build a parking lot for the plant.

"There are no homes on the 10 acre piece. It's 300 yards or farther from this 10 acre piece to the nearest home," Aspen Power President Danny Vines said.

Because of that, Vines says rezoning the 10 acres should not be an issue.

He says the rezoning is all part of a larger plan that will help boost North Lufkin's economy once the plant is built.