Wet Independence Day

This year's Independence Day marked the first since Angelina County went wet.

Since many East Texans traveled and celebrated for the holidays, some people were concerned alcohol would cause a problem.

"We were concerned a little bit of course. As you expected. But we haven't had any unusual problems and no increase in alcohol related incidents," said Lt. Gerald Williamson of the Lufkin Police Department.

Lufkin Police said that the Independence Day trend follows the one that's been in place since the county went wet: The number of DWIs and other alcohol related incidents hasn't really changed.

"We haven't seen an appreciable increase in the number of alcohol related incidents since the city went wet," said Lt. Williamson.

Authorities say that's a good sign, but it's no reason to drop their guard. They still doubled the number of officers on patrol on Independence Day just in case.

"We ask that people not drive if they've been drinking at all. Not just if they consider themselves intoxicated but even if they've just been consuming a few beers. We ask that they not drive."