Your Turn: Education

We asked you to consider this, and you did.  Now it's your turn.

A viewer from Zavalla writes:

My child goes to Zavalla High School.  I would like to know why is there no summer school to help my 12


grader for the TAKS test to be taken July 10


, 11


, 12


and 13


?  It is so sad that this test lets down so many students who will quit school because they can't pass these tests...[yet no help is provided in the summer.]

This from a viewer in Nacogdoches:

American children are graduating with less educational opportunities than their Spanish-speaking peers. American children should be taught Spanish as vigorously as the Spanish-speaking children are taught English, in order to not create a major difference-in respect to working and being paid more as a bi-lingual employee in a changing bi-lingual America. Almost all businesses in our area are paying more to bi-lingual employees. [This disparity] makes the children of Spanish speaking households on the top of the heap, which I feel is discrimination against English speaking American-born natives of our state. Why is there this difference? And why do we accept this discrimination of our children?

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