Sharks Swarm Livewell Pool - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

07/05/07 - Lufkin

Sharks Swarm Livewell Pool

Sharks! They're called the "Swim Sharks" and they're made up of all different age groups. They travel around, competing in swim meets. But the group that caught our eye is made up of five and six year olds.

Not only do coaches teach them the concept of different swimming styles, but they can definitely have some fun, just trying to get young ones to focus. Get a bunch of five and six year olds in a pool together and you could have your hands full. "It can get really hard sometimes, they're out here with their friends, so easy to get distracted," said Rebecca Standevan, assistant Head Coach.

The coaches have patience and they genuinely enjoy teaching the young swimmers. "The best part is probably seeing them (grow). You know these kids are young at beginning of the season they would be like "I'm only doing this because my parents are making me," and now you're seeing some with inner desire to do well for themselves, so that's cool," said Head Coach Jackson Tan. 

And whether they execute their dive correctly or not, their breast stroke is a little off, or they can't quite get the concept of the butterfly stroke, they're learning.

The Swim Sharks will be competiting in Longview this weekend.

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