Flood Preparedness

Crystal Douglas moved to Lufkin from Beaumont last year to escape hurricanes. But with parts of North and Central Texas now flooding, she's afraid East Texas might be next.

"It's always a concern and I'm hoping it doesn't come this way," Douglas told us.

Lufkin city officials agree. But they say if a flood does hit Lufkin, they're as prepared as they can be.

"There's certain structures that are going to flood, nearly regardless of any action the city takes. But over the past several years the city of Lufkin has been very pro active building retention basins," Lufkin City Manager Paul Parker said.

Retention basins and drainage systems like these can be found all over Lufkin. But city officials say certain areas are prone to flood during heavy rains. They tell us Frank Street and parts of the Brookhallow Subvision are notorious for flooding.

"We're actually through a federal program buying out several homes that traditionally flood and we'll demolish those homes and turn that into greenways which will alleviate other homes from flooding," Parker said.

City officials plan to buy out 13 homes in the Brookhallow area. Due to flooding, the property value has dropped and the home owners have agreed to the buyout.

"Part of the problem is some of those homes are built in the floodway and there's just literally nothing the city can do to protect those in severe flooding situations," Parker added.

As for the rest of the city, Lufkin's street department keeps major creeks and waterways clear to prevent rain buildup.