The Most Excellent Way

Pastor Elton Musick of Grace Baptist Church says his church is promoting a new program to help East Texans overcome drug addiction. The program is called "The Most Excellent Way" and is held every Tuesday from 7:30pm tp 8:30pm.

Musick told us working with drug addicts is not a new experience for him.

"I had the privilege of being a chaplain at a prison for about 10 years. And it used to be that the statistics were about 98 percent of people that committed an offense were either drunk or drugged up whenever they committed the offense. And yet we sit around here like we don't have a problem, which we do now," said Musick

"We started this program, The Most Excellent Way, about five years ago at this church. And we were the second one in Texas to start an alcohol and drug support group that was faith based. And one of the greatest surprises was the people that came to our church from other recovery centers had an addiction to prescription drugs. It wasn't illegal drugs. It was prescription drugs," He added.

He also said that most of the addicts he's talked to started off drinking alcohol.

"Alcohol is the beginning. Most addicts will tell you they started drinking before they ever started doing drugs. Anytime that you start with something alters your mind and it gets to a place where it's not enough and you need something else, then you need something else, then it's just like a big snow ball. The more you roll it the bigger it gets. And I believe alcohol is the most dangerous drug that you can get because it leads you into these other places."

Musick believes drugs is a huge problem not just in East Texas, but in communities worldwide.

"I think drugs is one of the things that's causing our country to be in the mess it's in. Because drugs don't limit themselves to a certain class or a certain race. It takes all classes and all races, and I don't care if you're in poverty or you're wealthy; if you want drugs, you can get them," Musick said.

Musick wants people to that his program is not about chastising addicts, but helping them overcome their addictions through prayer and fellowship.

"People say, 'well, you can't win this war on drugs.' We can try. We can give it a good effort. And like in our program, our goal is to help one person a day. And then maybe tomorrow we'll find another. And we've seen a lot of families be put back together because of this program. And it's just a blessing to be a part of this thing that's going on in our community."

Musick said his Most Excellent Way program is open to anyone who wants to attended.