Prescription Abuse

by Christa Smith

Abusing prescription drugs seems to be a growing issue.  One the hospitals are dealing with everyday, and one that's taking funds away from other places. "They end up having to get a lot of tests, labs, seeing a doctor. Um, and sometimes they end up spending the night in the hospital. It becomes very costly for them and us both, " ER Director Jerry Fear said.

Prescription medicines can be dangerous and that is why they are regulated by doctors and pharmacists.  The problem is, what happens once people get the pills home. "People tend to take to much sometimes.  They're hurting, they have a prescription for it.  They're not necessarily intentionally taking an overdose but because they're hurting they're taking a medication," Fear told us. That's what doctors are warning people about.

Taking too much of a medication can be seriously damaging to your physical and mental health.  Taking some medications everyday though, is necessary. Memorial Health Systems Director of Pharmacy, Kathy Griffin said, "If you're taking blood pressure medication or heart medication you should never worry about becoming addicted to that you need to that.  You need to take it exactly as a physician prescribed." By taking medication the way your doctor or pharmacist tells you to will keep you out of harms way.

More importantly, if you don't understand how to take them, don't assume. "You should always ask your physician why they're prescribing the medication, what there intent is and what would be the benefits and what would be the side effects," Griffin warns.