Bad Roads

Lupe Acosta has lived on Old Highway 59 for years. He says parts of the road---especially directly in front of his house---are an eyesore and a hazard to drivers.

"They either have to come into my driveway and go around this or go around the other side just to avoid this one particular spot," Acosta told us.

According to residents, the road is so bad it even brings trucks, buses and 18 wheelers to a hault.

"Most of us have small cars. I mean, we hit that too hard, we're either going to go turning around flipping or our cars are going to get totally messed up," Acosta said.

As we stood in front of Lupe's house, several cars pass by. Sure enough, they either have to slow down or drive on the opposite side of the road and avoid the whole area completely.

Residents have called county officials to complain, but they say crews simply throw down gravel to fill the holes instead of fixing the road.

"They've done that twice. Maybe three times doesn't do anything because within a week's time, it's already scattered all over the place," Lupe added.

Many residents fear that if the roads are not fixed soon, there could be a major accident.