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7/07/07 - Tyler

Lufkin's Little Big Man

by Maya Golden

"A Left hand layup, I couldn't do a left hand layup for nothing," Lufkin's Jammarcus Little says.  "And now? I can dunk with my left hand."

Even though he was six-foot-four as a sophomore, somehow no one had ever really seen basketball potential in Jammarcus Little.

"Over the summer I grew four inches, I'm 6'8"." Little says.  "My coach really took into consideration of my height. He was like do you want to play basketball? I was like cool."

At age 15, Little learned how dribble and shoot.

"It was hard I was tired I didn't know what to do but my body was just breaking down everyday," Little says.  

But he kept at it and joined the Lufkin Panthers varsity team. For the first time, he began thinking of his future. Little called AAU Team "Jamodi" coach Chip Cunningham for a shot at some exposure. Chip offered to take Little to a tournament. It became the chance of a lifetime.

"We went to Dallas and had a wonderful three games, signed a letter of intent with McNeese."

Little makes it sound much simpler. The summer tip off in Dallas was his first AAU tournament. Now he will play division one college ball at McNeese State.

"I was laughing I was shocked," Little says.  "I mean, I didn't want to cry but I was just so happy it was just so much building in side of me.  My family, the only person that's been to college really is my brother. It's a shock to my family."

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