Trinity Police Chase Suspect

by Christa Smith

A woman is in jail in Trinity after she led police on a chase that ended in a three car accident.  A patrol car tried to pull over a mustang on FM 356 for a routine traffic stop.  She only went faster though.  At one point an officer clocked the cars going 136 miles an hour.

The mustang was weaving in and out of traffic when she realized she couldn't get past a white Mitsubishi.  She rear ended it instead.  Officers say because of the speed they were unable to slow down enough.  They then, rear ended her.

The driver of the mustang and two people in the Mitsubishi were taken to the hospital and later released. The driver of the mustang is now in jail and faces a felony charge for evading arrest and one for possession of a controlled substance.  Officers found 28 grams of heroine inside her vehicle.