Firefighters Help Their Own

by Christa Smith

Having family support when you're going through a rough time is always comforting. For firefighters there is a whole other family to be there. Brandon Golden said, "We spend a third of our life together at the station so we're all a big family. So when something happens to somebody in the family we all try to come together and pull together and be there for that person."

That's exactly what these guys did. Fireman from around Lufkin put together a golf tournament to support one of their own.  Tino villasana found out his wife had cancer about a month ago. Immediately his second family was there. "I was touched, was overwhelmed that they would even think about doing something like this," Tino Villasana said.

Aside from the money teams paid they also got local business to chip in and help a fellow brother. "Every hole today, all 18 have been sponsored by area business and people," Golden told us. While Tino says he and his wife don't feel they deserve it the guys of Local Union 3034 think otherwise. They hope today's event helps bring a little hope back to Tino and his family. He says, it already has. "In the line of work that we have, we see tragedy a lot and it could always be worse. It could always be worse," Villasana told us.