Move It: Long Distance Swimmer

Ten-year-old Cassidy Jasperson has set a goal and now, she's training to achieve it. "I'm going to swim from Livingston to Onalaska," Cassidy says. That's about five miles, and she can expect to be in the water for three hours. That's a pretty long time.

"I've been swimming about 25-minutes each day in the pool treading water to practice for it", she adds.

Cassidy's dad, Bruce Jasperson, says, "We're in the pool every day. We were in it 15 minutes the first day. We've added five minutes [per day, and] she's at 45-minutes. We'll train in the pool an hour and a half before she does the swim, which is about a three-hour swim"

And she won't be doing it alone. Cassidy's dad, who is also her coach, will be right there beside her.

"My dad told me to trust him and that he can be there for me," says Cassidy.

In fact as they train together, dad's the one that usually gets tired first. He says she has an amazing amount of endurance.

"The one that is going to be tired is me, I guarantee you," Bruce says." Every day in the pool, I'm the one that peters out, and we end our workout when daddy's tired. She's been like that since birth."

Dad says he would never put his daughter in any jeopardy. There will be a safety boat just five feet away in case they need it. He just wants his children to learn that they can achieve anything, and Cassidy has this message for others:  "Try hard and you can do anything!"