Beat the Heat with Energy Saving Tips

" What I wanted to spend a moment talking to you about is how to conserve electricity, " began TXU Energy community relations manager, Jon Bennett. He was addressing a group at the Nacogdoches Senior Center.  He's been visiting venues like this across the state as TXU Energy takes their 'Beat the Heat' community service campaign on the road. The corporation has been doing this for almost a decade.

Simple tips on how to cope with hot Texas summers are given to primarily senior citizens. One spokesman stood in front of the group with a a hat saying,  " You get your ears burnt. You get your neck burnt. You get your face burnt, so if you have a wide brim hat it's a wonderful thing to wear."

Seniors are told to drink a glass of water for every 20 minutes when exposed to heat, avoid heavy meals, wear loose, light colored clothing and use sunscreen. Sound advice for anyone, but more so for seniors. TXU Energy volunteer Lacy Walker explained reasons why.  " Their age for one. Also for health reasons. Another reason is senior citizens are most likely to be on fixed incomes so their less likely to turn on their air conditioner when they need it. "

Most seniors remember when air conditioning wasn't used and power was a lot cheaper than it is now. James 'Woody' Bush said,  " Oh my. I remember when I was a kid. A dollar a month back during the depression, if you had a dollar. "

But now seniors know all about compact fluorescent light bulbs. TXU has given away 30,000 of them. But if more assistance is needed seniors are urged to call 2-1-1. Bennett said,  " We encourage people to use 211 when they have any kind of medical, health, financial or any kind of problems. That's a state agency that takes and contacts the right people for helping anyone. " A bright idea for serving those who are at risk during a Texas summer. For more energy tips