Authorities are Investigating Neighborhood Assault

by Jessica Cervantez

Thirty-nine-year-old Stacy Sturdivaut was taken in for questioning Tuesday morning after police believed he had attacked his neighbor, 55-year-old Jackie Haley.

Angelina County Sheriff Kent Henson said that he had an injury near the forehead.

But, what police initially believed was a shooting turned out not to be one. Sturdivaut has been questioned and released and no arrests have been made.

Investigators were at the crime scene all morning trying to piece together exactly what happened. They know Haley is staying next door at his sister's home.  Apparently, the two neighbors don't get along, and haven't for quite some time.

Henson said, "It has been going on in the past. It just seems like they came head to head today."

Investigators do know Haley went through a gate and the ambulance picked him up on his back porch.  Haley is in stable condition at Memorial Hospital's intensive care unit.