Animal Shelter Overflowing

by Christa Smith

The Nacogdoches animal shelter has been fighting for space lately.  Too many animals are coming in and not enough going out.  It's making euthanization an everyday thing.  Many wonder why. "The reasoning for it is because I love animals so much that I feel that they're better off if I put them down than if they go roam the streets," employee Roianna Muckleroy explained.

That's how many of these animals get brought in.  They get lost and wind up in one of the kennels here, taking up space and money.  "What we do is triage and we check them out to make sure whether or not they have disease, take their temperature, we look for heartworms and give them those tests," Tommy Wheeler, Environmental Health Manager told us.

Since the first of June the shelter has had 391 animals come in and only 30 have been adopted. But they say, this isn't new.  "It's not that far out of normal for every year and we have to close down a lot," Wheeler said.

There just isn't enough room for all the strays. And not enough people are coming to claim them or adopt them.  So from time to time they have to simply close the doors.  It's creating a huge problem for Nacogdoches County.  Employees say, they are ready for a change.  Muckleroy pleads, "I would like to see more get adopted and more get spayed and neutered and I wouldn't have to euthanize."

They euthanize 4000 to 5000 a year at that shelter alone.  The Nacogdoches shelter is begging people to come in and adopt.  They don't want to euthanize the animals but at this point, they have no choice.