Angelina Causing No Problem For Rayburn

The Coles from Dallas are hoping to catch fish from the shores of Sam Rayburn Reservoir. They knew from their trip down, there should be plenty of water.   Mildred Cole described, " A lot of water. We came here we saw water from Dallas to Jacksonville from Jacksonville to Lufkin. We come down here every two years to fish and it is pretty high today. "

Longtime Rayburn guide Belbert Perritte keeps an eye on the level from Shirley Creek Marina.    " This is probably the most water I saw in the lake this particular time of the year. "

Higher than usual, but certainly not so much that the Rayburn can't handle it. Managers from the reservoir dam describe the Angelina flow as a small surge.   Recreation manager David LaRue said, " Our hydrology people expect that over the 3 or 4 days when most of the water is thought to get here the lake is only going to rise about a foot and a half. And that's barely getting into our flood storage capacity." Sam Rayburn Reservoir has a million acre feet to hold flood waters. Engineers say right now the level is ideal. Flood gates remain closed and power generation is increased to handle peak usage for residents down stream.

This time last year the water didn't even reach the tree line, but this year it is and that pleases regulars.   Willie Cole said as he prepared his fishing line,  " It looks alright now. It looks nice. It's smooth and it's covered a lot of trees too. " And the fish are biting too. His wife reeled in the first fish.