Investigators Don't Know What Man Used to Attack His Neighbor

Investigators are trying to figure out what type of weapon a Moffett man used to attack his neighbor Wednesday.

Jackie Haley is in stable condition in a Lufkin intensive care unit. His alleged attacker has not been arrested, but was taken in for questioning.

Sheriff's deputies initially thought Stacy Sturdivaut shot Haley in the head and back with his .38 revolver. Now they're unsure what type of weapon was used in the attack.

Charges against Sturdivaut are pending.

There are two ways to deal with a troublesome, bullying, intimidating neighbor.

"If it was a bad enough situation where I felt threatened, then I would get the law involved just to cover myself in case anything happened - I'd have some type of record about it," said Octavia Kegler of Lufkin. "But if it's a situation I feel like could be handled between me and the neighbors, then I would try to handle it as best I could."

Whether its a dispute over property lines, kids running wild or noisy late night parties, most feuding residents try to make peace with their problem neighbor. A lot of them believe getting law enforcement involved in their fight is taking things too far, but authorities disagree.

Diboll Police Chief Kent Havard said, "They'll know right off hand if they're going to be able to work with this neighbor or not and when you're at that point when you realize 'look, we're not going to be able to work together', that's when you need to get somebody involved in it like law enforcement to keep [violent] incidences from happening."

And most East Texans agree; finding a peaceful solution to the problem should be the first choice.

Joseph Kegler of Lufkin said, "I'd do everything I can to handle it between men and if it got to a point where it was life threatening, then maybe we would have to bring the authorities in it; but man to man I'd try to handle it."

Authorities also suggest getting a private attorney to help settle the dispute with your neighbor, since fighting the battle on your own could add legal problems to an already volatile situation.