Around East Texas 07/13/07

Cooper Thieves

Due to a rise in the demand for copper, construction sites nationwide and even here in East Texas have become targets for theft. Electrical wires are being stolen. Thieves strip the copper from the wires and sell them at scrap metal shops. Lufkin police have increased patrols at construction sites. Many people think scrap metal shop owners should be more careful when screening the people who are selling to them, but the owners say that's a challenge. They say when people steal, it's hard for them to do anything unless you can prove that they stole it. Metal shop owners tell us that it is against the law for them to ask customers where the metal they bring in comes from.

Troop Withdrawal

Despite what the President says about the War in Iraq, the House says the troops should come home. In the wake of Thursday's mixed report on the progress of War in Iraq, the House of Representatives has voted to require most U-S troops there to leave by April First, 2008. The bill comes despite a veto threat by President Bush. House Republicans still loyal to the President say the new measure has no chance of passing. The vote was 223-to-201.

Lufkin Robbery

Police think a recent string of robberies here in East Texas may be connected. Thursday morning, a man walked into the Texas Inn and Suites on Highway 59 south in Lufkin. Police say he pointed a knife at the front desk clerk and demanded money. The clerk did not have a key to unlock the cash. The suspect took off on foot. Also, on Highway 59 in Lufkin, a Comfort Suites was robbed back in late June. Then on Wednesday morning, a similar incident happened in Nacogdoches at the Best Western Inn on South street. A man approached one of the hotel workers demanding money. The suspect assaulted the victim when he refused to hand over money. The suspect did get away with an undetermined amount of cash. You should contact police if you have any information that might help solve these robberies.

Bank Robbery

The F-B-I needs your help. They believe the same criminals are behind more than a dozen bank robberies in seven East Texas cities over three years. Video taken last week when the Bank of America in Lufkin was robbed shows two men walked carrying weapons and covered from head to toe. The F-B-I says the robbers get in and out very quickly. If you have any information, contact your local police or local F-B-I office.

Accidental Shooting?

She was moving a gun and it went off. That's what an East Texas woman says caused a shooting that left her husband dead. Police found the husband shot Wednesday on Rosborough Springs Road in Marshall. The man later died at a local hospital. So far, no criminal charges have been filed.

Gas Drive-off

A gas drive off in a stolen van starts a police chase through two East Texas cities. Police say two men stole a van Thursday morning, then drove a Gladewater and filled up at a Shamrock gas station. The thieves drove off without paying, even hitting a clerk who was trying to stop them. Police chased the van from White Oak to south Longview, where the thieves ditched the van and ran off into this wooded area. The suspects are still being sought.

Flight Added

More options for Tyler travelers. American Eagle has announced one additional flight to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Starting August 1st, the flight will leave at 2:50 p.m. daily. You can start booking the flight now.

Blues Festival

Get ready for the third annual Budweiser Blues Festival this weekend in Nacogdoches. The star-studded event will kick off tomorrow at the Nacogdoches Expo Center beginning at 3 p.m. Pre-sale tickets are $25. Tickets at the gate are $30.