Troops Could Be Coming Home

The House of Representatives was a house divided yesterday, all because of a vote about troops in Iraq.  223 representatives voted in favor of troops coming home and 201 voted against.

A local retired Lt. General feels that the vote went the wrong way. Orren Whiddon said, "It's a fundamental imperative to our great nation that we have access not that we control but that we have access to the vast oil deposits that are located over there." Though he says oil is not the only reason we are there, it plays a significant role.

The close vote is a sign of just how many things have to be considered. "I think that the vote yesterday was very close and it reflects the division on opinion over what we ought to be doing in Iraq," he said. That's a question that nobody seems to be able to answer.  Lufkin residents are divided as well.

As a retired soldier, Whiddon says, no matter the opinion on the war, Americans need to remain strong and united. "It won't always be good.  Some days you're not going to win the fight, the next day you may but you have to continue to support."