Animal Shelter Problems

by Josh Ault

Early this week the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter was shut down for a day and a half because of the amount of animals that were brought in.  Some residents are wondering if the city is not spending enough money to solve the problem.

The local chapter of the Nacogdoches Humane Society is concerned on how the city's animal shelter is being run.  Lisa Young, Humane Society President, said, "There is so much euthanasia that goes on because the facility, that is 9,000 square feet, is actually being staffed be the same number of people that the old facility was staffed by."

The staffing concern is known by city officials.  Jim Jeffers, Nacogdoches City Manager, said, "We are currently evaluating our staffing at the shelter and all probability the budget will have recommendations to increase the staffing."

Young added, "They need 9 to 10 employees for a facility this large."

The problem of animal over population is not new to the city.  The numbers speak for themselves.  In 2006, almost 4,000 animals were killed at the shelter.

Diana Hensley, O'Malley Alley Cat President, said, "The issue is it's the communities problem, not the cities, not the Humane Society, it's all of our problem."

The Nacogdoches Humane Society has sent a letter to the city manager requesting a time to meet with him.  Jeffers says he has an open door policy, and hopes to meet soon with the organization.