Rain and Crops

by Christa Smith

It seems like lately, when it rains, it pours.  All the wet weather can have a major impact on how crops grow.  "You get too much rain a lot of times your watermelon won't be sweet you know.  Of course there is always that factor of you can't get out there and pick peas when it's raining and it's wet but the rain doesn't stay around all the time," local farmer Mike Kennerly said.  Giving farmers a short relief and a little time to get out and work.

"Maybe at one time of the day they couldn't pick but it would quit long enough that they could go pick at another time leaving hope that not all the crops would go bad," explained farmer, Laverne Ferguson.  East and west of Lufkin seem to have been getting most of the downpours flooding their fields and making work impossible.  But for Lufkin farmers, it hasn't been so bad.

With rain in the forecast they may not be so fortunate in the next week.  That leaves many farmers questioning what will happen.  "If it continues, 3 or 4 inches of rain a day, it's definitely going to effect all the farmers," Kennerly warns.