City of Lufkin Offers to Buy and Renovate Pines Theater

Lufkin city leaders are hoping the renovation of a historic movie theater will help revitalize downtown.

The Pines Theater on South First Street was once a popular place to catch a good show and enjoy a night on the town. Today, the old building is falling apart and hasn't seen much activity over the past few decades.

Back in March, a truck backed into the building causing a lot of damage, but the City of Lufkin recently offered to buy the theater and restore the 700-seat facility.

Cultural events, movies and other functions will be held there once construction is complete.

It's been about 30 years since the last movie was shown in the Pines Theater. Most recently, the facility was used to hold worship services. Before the city stepped in, the Pines Theater was close to being torn down.

The City of Lufkin plans to finalize the purchase of the theater at a meeting Tuesday night.