Does Location Make Some Businesses a Bigger Target for Crime?

Angelina County business owners are keeping a closer eye on their companies and their customers. Recent robberies in Lufkin along Highway 59 South remain unsolved and some restaurant and retail managers said their location makes them easily accessible to unwanted guests.

Casa Ole has a 'round-the-clock surveillance system to help prevent crime.

Restaurant co-owner, Dixon Shanks, said, "We have a 24-hour monitoring and surveillance system. We don't keep large sums of cash on the premises and we have a lot of confidence in the Lufkin Police Department. Anytime we've ever had an issue, they've been down here to take care of it."

The owners of Texas Metal Art in Diboll have also invested in an alarm system, but it's only effective inside the store.

"We have things out front and we do have things disappear every now and then," co-owner, Cheryl Loggins, said. "We are in the process of trying to fence off the outside and we try to bring [items inside] as best that we can so that they're not stolen."

The shop has been on busy Highway 59 South for more than five years and millions of cars pass by the store every year. Loggins is grateful for local law enforcement who regularly keep an eye on area businesses.

"The Diboll Police Department is really effective about keeping a watch on the businesses here in Diboll."

But business owners should always take precautions to protect their property and their patrons.