Park Concerns

Albert and Lois Jasper have lived across from Winston Park for 3 years. They like the neighborhood, but say sometimes the park visitors get a little out of hand.

"It's a sharp turn here and of course sometimes they come in here a little fast and they make this turn. They've ended up over here in my yard several times," Albert told us.

You can still see tire tracks from cars that drive into the their yard. But that's not the only problem. Wintson Park neighbors say they don't have a problem with the children go play there during the daytime. But it's who goes there after dark and what they do that worries them.

"The worst part about them is everyone of them has a boom box. And everyone of them wants to play that boom box as loud as they can play it," Albert told us.

The Jaspers say the culprits are a group of young adult males. They circle the block in their cars and play loud music, sometimes until one or two in the morning. Lufkin police say the calls they get about Winston park are typical of most local parks.

"We have everything at the parks from loud noise to drug activity reported to and when you have a lot of people gathered you can have those types of problems anywhere," said Lt. David Young of the Lufkin Police Department.

Lufkin Police plan to patrol Winston Park more often. The Jaspers believe their neighbors should become more active as well.

"It takes work and everybody's got to work. Two people can't handle it alone. We need one from each home to take part," said Lois Jasper.