Building a Winner

by Ryan Peterson

First it was wins, now it's renovations.   Nacogdoches High School is changing for the better. The athletic department was great last season.   Now the Dragons carry that momentum into football season.

Step one, renovating the varsity locker room in the field house.   Two walls have been removed and wooden lockers will replace the metal.   The project is called Dragon Vision.  The next step will be a resurfaced football field and track.

"The Dragon Vision was Coach Harper's idea from the beginning when he got here," Charlotte Stanley says.  "To make improvements equal to what the athletes deserve."

"You've got to remember this field house was built in 1973," Assistant coach Clarence McMichael says.  "It was my senior year. It's been here a while so it was something we felt like was needed to be done for the kids. Something special for them."