Your Turn: Bilingual Skills

We asked you to Consider This, and you did.  Now it's your turn.

Anonymous from Nacogdoches writes:

Concerning the hiring "discrimination" of "American" kids without bi-lingual skills; why should techno-savvy children be considered at the top of the hiring scale for computer jobs?  Because they have acquired the skills that are sought in that employment market.  Get over the "American" discrimination for our non bi-lingual youth.  Study the market, guide your child in taking the marketable language courses in high school, and let them enter the job market with competitive skills,  The only disparity is the one created by parents in not guiding their children through the wisest course selection in high school.  The educational system offers you choices - take the responsibility, get involved, and CHOOSE!

Anonymous from Lufkin writes:

...If a person wants to learn Spanish that's fine, but it should not be required.  When Americans live in Mexico, they have to learn Spanish.  If Hispanics want to live here, they should learn the language of America...

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