Lufkin Partnership

Kelli Slaga is a firm believer in child welfare. So when she felt Angelina County Child Protective Services needed a little help, she made a few phone calls.

"I felt that Lufkin community partners was needed in this area as a resource for our case workers," said Slaga, who is Supervisor for the Angelina County CPS.

Lufkin community partners is a non-profit group of volunteers. The group helps the CPS raise funds and network throughout the community. It also provides diapers, baby formula, clothing and other supplies for neglected and abused children. Program volunteers come from all walks of life.

"It's not just people but it's professional people. It's doctors, lawyers, and businesses that they're bringing together," said Angelina County DPS Investigator David Elam.

Lufkin community partners has only been together for a couple of months. The group held it's first event this morning. A breakfast aimed at showing appreciation to cps caseworkers. CPS officials are optimistic about the program.

"We're excited! we're very excited that they're here!" Slaga told us.