Lufkin Police Report - 07/18/07

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT:  1000 block of Glenn.  A woman was found unconscious in the front yard of a residence just after 10pm Tuesday night.  The woman had cuts and visible swelling around her eye.  The woman was transported by ambulance to a hospital.  When she regained consciousness she named a male suspect who she said attacked her.

THEFT:  1800 block of Frank.  A man was seen stealing several shirts from a store Tuesday evening.  When confronted by store security, the man returned three shirts but left with three more shirts.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  Abney.  A woman reported that her ex-husband jumped on the hood of her car and knocked out her windshield with his fist Tuesday night.  The woman drove off with the man on the hood and he later fell off the car at Abney and Williams.  The man suffered significant injuries and was admitted to the hospital.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION:  400 block of Locke.  A DVD player was reported stolen in a residential burglary that occurred Tuesday.

THEFT:  4600 block of North Medford Dr.  A man ordered and took delivery of a set of car rims from Sears.  The man took delivery of the rims on Friday.  On Sunday a woman came in with the receipt and requested a refund, saying the rims hadn't come in.  The refund was given before it was discovered the rims had actually been picked up.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS:  1700 block of North Timberland.  A known suspect returned to property where he had been previously warned about trespassing.  Warrant requested.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  4200 North Medford Dr   Motel personnel reported that a man entered the motel pool area, took his clothing off and dismantled the pool pump and some tables and chairs at the pool Monday night.  The man also drained half the water from the pool and broke the light inside the pool.  The man then broke into a room and spent the night.

BURGLARY OF A BUILDING:  1300 block of Jordan Av.  A man reported that some tools and a toolbox were stolen from his storage building Monday afternoon.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  700 block of Lubbock St.  Pallets of bricks were turned over and damaged, bricks were thrown against a wall and broken and the water was turned on and left running at a remodeling job at Hackney Primary School Monday night.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF VEHICLE:  2300 block of North Raguet.  A car parked on private property was found to be stolen.  The car had been at the site for over a month and when the owner was contacted in the county jail, he said it must have been stolen since he's been incarcerated.