Golf Tip: Sand Traps

This week Crown Colony Head Golf Pro, Bob Diamond is going to help you learn how to hit out of a bunker.

"This is an ordinary bunker shot. Just a nice level lie. I'm about ten to fifteen feet from the edge of the sand trap. To hit a successful sand shot you need a 56 to 58 degree sand wedge with a lot of bounce on the bottom.

Make sure you have good equipment to hit a good bunker shot. Normally when I see people and work with them, their swing is not long enough. They don't have enough gravity and leverage to move the ball out. In other words they make these itty bitty swings and the ball just dumps out in front of them.

If you don't have enough power to get out of the trap... I'm going to show you what to do here. I'm going to take a big wide stance. Play the ball forward for loft. Open your club face up a bit so the ball so the bounce of the club can go into the sand.  Our back swing and follow through should be equal like in putting. You want to make a long back swing and a long follow through.

So, if you can remember steep and deep that will really help you out. I'm drawing a huge box in the sand and I'm going to take out a divot. My angle of attack, I want to be a little outside the end here. Let's see if we can do this.

If you do that it will go right out of that bunker every time. Okay, I hope that helps."