Potentially 'Stinky' Situation At Courthouse

A big stink at the Nacogdoches County Courthouse was avoided Wednesday morning thanks to quick action by animal control. A baby skunk was discovered in a courthouse elevator. A workman for the courthouse renovation project was entering the elevator with a wheelbarrow of trash. Upon spotting the creature sitting in the corner, the worker ran the other way, leaving everything behind.

Animal control came to the rescue. They quickly got the animal in a copy paper box without smelling a thing.    Environmental Health Manager Tommy Wheeler said, " This serves as reminder to us all that skunks can be found just about anywhere. They aren't isolated to the country. They can make it right into town. Seeing one in the daylight is highly unusual leading to suspicions of rabies."

No one is pointing fingers, but it's speculated someone may have placed the skunk in the elevator as a joke. If so, it was a bad one for the skunk. The animal had to be euthanized so it could be checked for rabies.