More Gas for Your Money

By Christa Smith

High gas prices are everywhere. In the past year they have been steadily rising.  63% of Americans think that this year they will pay $4 a gallon for regular unleaded gasoline and 57% of Americans under 50 have reduced spending in other areas to offset high gas prices. Some motorists are trying anything to help, including quick fix solutions, like additives that promise to improve your car's performance and increase it's mileage.

In May KTRE brought you such a story about a pill claiming to increase gas mileage and decrease emissions. "It causes the fuel to burn more thoroughly, cleaner and hotter, giving you more horsepower, thereby increasing your gas mileage," that is what Roland Rich of Fuel Freedom International told us. We promised to put it to the test, and we did.

First, we checked to see how many miles our news van got without the pill. We drove 414 miles taking the tank from full, to empty. Then, we put the pill in, like Fuel Freedom International said to do. "What you have to do is, you put the pill in the gas tank and it takes about 30 minutes to dissolve and it's working," Rich instructed us.

The pill went in at 50,088 miles. Then, we drove, and drove and when the gas light came on the next set of pills went in. We were now at 50, 491 miles. Which was actually 11 miles less than the tank without the pill. But, we went on. We finally finished all the pills.  After calculating we found out that tank took us 410 miles. Once again, less than we originally got without the pill. The company claims the 100 percent organic pill is supposed to coat the combustion chamber allowing fuel to burn more efficiently. For our van, it simply didn't work.

The company says that the more you use the pill the more likely you are to see a difference. They still say, after the second time you should notice a difference.  Our van showed none at all. So how can you save money and gas? AAA recommends keeping your speed under 60 miles per hour, avoid quick starts and sudden stops and keep up with routine maintenance on your car.