Cycling is Not Boring!

by Ryan Peterson

If you think cycling is boring, you haven't listened to Austin native Andrew Stackhouse.  Stackhouse, who raced in Sunday's 2007 Charlie Hall Memorial State Age-Based Criterium Championships, also calls race play by play.

"It's real exciting to come out to great city like Lufkin," Stackhouse says.  "That energizes me. It's fun for me to make it more fun for other riders."

Stackhouse was entertaining throughout the day, using as much energy off the road as he did on.  Over 100 cyclists took the streets of downtown Lufkin on Sunday.  Most would ride pass Stackhouse with a smile.

"It's neat to be in a town like this, pump up the energy and get everyone excited about it," the Austin native says.    "It's an absolutely fantastic spectator event."

Over 100 people took raced in the event.