Authorities Close Million Dollar Criminal Mischief Case

Trinity County authorities have sentenced two hunters in a million dollar criminal mischief case.   Back in April, the suspects vandalized skidders that belonged to a Polk County logging company.

The Houston-area hunters tore up the ground with the machines, created ruts in the soil, and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in environmental damage. After their joyride, the suspects then crashed the skidders head-first into a creek.

The men plead guilty to criminal mischief in a Trinity County courtroom and agreed to pay for the damage they caused. They are now on probation.

There is always an increase in lawn equipment theft during the summer months. But theft of farm, ranch and other heavy equipment is also becoming a growing concern in the United States.

These types of properties are an easy target for criminals because they are in remote locations, easily accessible and often lack surveillance. But there are some steps farmers and ranchers can take to protect their equipment and their property.

Get an insurance policy that protects against theft, vandalism and chemical spills. Restrict unauthorized access. Installing gates and fences will make your property a little harder to break into and put up 'no trespassing' signs to discourage vandals. Finally, install security surveillance equipment to catch thieves in the act.