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07/24/07 - Lufkin

Local Pharmacies Who Do and Don't Carry Plan B

by Jessica Cervantez

Plan B, the emergency contraception, is known as a back-up method for preventing pregnancy. It's been available at Planned Parenthood, but now you can get it without a prescription at pharmacies if they carry it. You have to be 18 or older to get it.

But, we found out some pharmacies in Lufkin, do not even carry it.

Michelle Green, with Planned Parenthood, said, "The FDA approved this emergency contraceptive to be available over the counter status for individuals.  The whole purpose is that women could have access to this medication.  If you don't carry it you have no access."

The East Texas News spoke to Abeldt's Pharmacy, who says they won't carry it because of the controversy involved. Timberland Discount Pharmacy won't carry it for personal reasons.

Gary Hendrick, the pharmacist at Timberland Discount, said, "I think they will be able to find it at other stores in town.  I personally don't believe this is a form of birth control myself, so for that reason we won't be carrying it here.  I think if there is a genuine need they will be able to obtain the drug at another pharmacy or hospital.

The owner of Medicine Shoppe says they do not have it in stock, but if it was needed they could find a way to get it. This causes concern for some, because the sooner you take the pill, the more effective.  It should be taken within 72-hours, so if it takes time to order, it may be too late.

Green said, "This is a time sensitive medication.  The sooner you take it the more effective it can be, so pharmacies who don't have access to it, it defeats the purpose of having Plan B available over the counter status."

CVS Pharmacy does carry the pill.

Hendrick said, "I think myself personally it will be this way across the United States.  I think a lot of major chains will carry the drug.  I think a lot of the smaller chains and independent pharmacies won't, it just depends on where you stand if you're pro or against abortion."

Green wants to make sure that people don't confuse Plan B with RU-486 also known as the "abortion pill". Plan B is used to prevent pregnancy, it will not work if you are already pregnant.
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