Leaving Kids at the Library

Karann Drake enjoys taking her children to the library. But she notices many children are here without parents.

"There are some that are a little rowdier than others and you think, 'Boy! this is a library. You're supposed to be quiet and learn and read,'" Drake said.

Employees at Temple Memorial Library in Diboll also notice the behavioral problems. During the summer, many parents leave their children here all day long.

"A lot of parents have to work and they don't have any places to leave their children and this can be a problem," Temple Memorial Library Director Brenda Russell told us.

Library employees say the problems usually come from children under the age of 12. Problems ranging from disruptive behavior to running across busy highway 59 to buy food.

"As long as they're safe and they come in here and behave, we don't mind having them here. But it's when they get in here and get disruptive and start bothering other patrons that we have to be real concerned," said Russell.

The library closes at 5:30pm. If parents don't pick their children up by then, library employees are supposed to take them to the police station. But many times they stay late until the parents arrive.

"We would rather have them in here safe than on the streets, of course, but we have to be careful, too," Russell explained.

Library employees say while they don't mind watching the children, they hope parents are more considerate when leaving them and picking them up.