Golf Tip: Final Round

It's time for our final Golf Tip of the summer. This week Crown Colony Golf Pro Bob Diamond shows you how to improve your swing. He says golfers need to loosen up:

"Today I'm going to help you with full swing. I think the number one thing with students I've taught over the years is they have poor timing, or, what they call tempo. Their body and the club are going at different ratios.

To get good tempo with club pressure, if ten is tight and one is loose, it should be a three or four. You can't get good tempo with an eight, nine or ten on a grip.

On the weekend you're anxious and nervous, so your grip is going to be about a ten. On a practice tee before you go out, I want you to go out and really grip the club loosely so you can feel other parts of your body. When you grip the club tight, all you feel is hands. You want to feel your total body. Your shoulders, your hips, your knees, your feet. So when you do swing, you'll have a nice tempo going backwards or forth.

The next thing I want to do beside grip pressure is make sure you get relaxed from the floor up right on through your shoulders. Make sure your legs are ready, your hips, your back and chest are ready. Make sure it's an even flow swing. You should feel the body start, before the club. You should feel a little turn before the club goes back.

Body first... strike... and go through. Nice smooth tempo... let the club you have in your hand so the work for you. Body first... swing and go through. No sense hitting the ball hard, the club will do it for you.

Okay. I hope that helps."