Tenants Upset About Living Conditions in Lufkin Apartment Complexes

On Wednesday night, the East Texas News introduced you to several residents living in a Lufkin apartment complex full of housing, health and safety violations.

Since our story first aired, city code enforcement spoke with the owners of Divine Mesa and ordered them to repair the plumbing within 24 hours before citations are issued. J.A.T. and Associates also has ten days to make other improvements at the complex.

Further investigation by the East Texas News has revealed plumbers were on the property Friday and so were air conditioning repair men.

Friday, management said Divine Mesa will get new electrical wiring and a complete exterior makeover.

There are also housing violations at Angelina Estates in Lufkin. HUD inspectors have been on the property working with their clients and the landlord to find available Section 8 rental property in the area. The housing authority is also helping the property manager meet Section 8 quality standards.

Eight government-assisted clients were living at Angelina Estates when inspectors discovered bat infestation in the building. Some of those residents have moved out. The others will also be relocated to safer housing.

Angelina Estates management hired an out-of-town exterminator to get rid of the bats.