Hwy 59 Near Timpson Shut Down For Accident Cleanup

A section of U. S. Highway 59 that had been shut down due to a hazardous chemical spill in the Shelby County town of Timpson, TX,  has reopened, but only temporarily.
According to Richard Lenius with DLS Environmental, the company coordinating the chemical cleanup, the roadway reopened right around 4:00 a. m. Tuesday.  However, he said at 10:00 a. m., authorities will close the roadway again to allow the cleanup to continue.

An 18 wheeler that was carrying about 40,000 pounds of sulfur, crashed into a stalled vehicle on US 59 in Timpson around 7:30 p. m. Monday.  The big rig burst into flames, spilling its load all over the highway.

"The initial danager was pretty high because of the fumes being emitted from the burning sulfur," Lenius said.  "There (were) a couple cases of some of the firemen that had to be transported to the hospital for exposure."
Those firefighters, Lenius said, were treated and released.
Meanwhile, others worked for more than four hours to put out the fire.  
"The fire department...started putting water on it which enhanced the fire," said Lenius.  A hazardous materials team, he said, later had to use a special foam to get the flames under control. 

Shelby County Sheriff Newton Johnson said the crash site was far enough away from homes that no evacuations were needed.

Thanks to KTRE's sister station, KSLA in Shreveport for this report.