Used Car Dealership Hit by Vandals

During its 20 years on North Timberland, Knight Motor Company has been targeted by criminals many times. Several vehicles have even been stolen right off the lot. One of them ended up being the getaway van in a Lufkin bank robbery earlier this month.

"They do 12 times as much damage to our vehicles as what they're actually stealing and I just don't know what's going through their minds," said General Manager Charles Dempsey.

Sometime overnight Sunday, the dealership was hit again. Someone broke the windows of 13 vehicles and ripped out all the stereos and CD players in them.

"I had one customer [Monday] that was looking at a vehicle that was on the lot that had been vandalized, and it's a good possibility that they would have bought the vehicle had I had it ready to run," Dempsey said.

The repairs will cost at least several hundred dollars per car. Most of the damage was done to the windows and dashboards, but for used cars, those parts will be hard to replace.

"We really can't enclose the lot with fences and things like that and it's just easy for people to take something and break a window out and gain access to a vehicle just like that, and before you know it, they're inside and if they know what they're doing they can have the radio or whatever they're after out in a number of minutes."

Management at Knight Motor Company is planning to install surveillance equipment to protect their vehicles from future vandalism.

If you have any information on this criminal mischief case or any other crime, call the Lufkin Police Department or your local sheriff's office.