Center Kidnapping Update

The manhunt for the suspected murderer of 89-year old Dalia Sanders of Center is over. Arrested and charged is 26 year old Jimmy Odessa Smith, a local resident. The search ended this morning in a very unlikely spot, directly across the street from the Sheriff's department.

Nacogdoches street in Center was barricaded immediately after discovering the suspect. He was found in the bathroom of a house less than a block from the jail.

The East Texas News has learned from sources close to the investigation that the suspect is the nephew of the woman who lives in the house with her five children where he was found. Authorities were led back to Center after searching the Neuville area all night long.

A stolen truck believed to have been taken by the suspect was found at a hotel down the street, The suspect was later seen going inside the house. San Augustine County Sheriff Don Michael said, "We were able to take shoe prints and see if they were the same type of shoe that we were looking for from the suspect today. They appear to match."

The East Texas News has learned the man being detained has been questioned all day, but is saying little.

Dalia Sanders was kidnapped from her home Wednesday and taken to Citizen's Bank in Center. She was then forced to withdraw a large amount of money. Police chased the suspect to Neuville where he took off on foot. They later found the victim's body in the trunk of her car, shot to death. Mrs. Sanders was known as Dee Dee to her friends. Her funeral is planned for Saturday. We will continue to follow this story as new information becoming available.

KTRE News-9's Christa Smith is following this story and will have updates on Nightcast and on as new information becomes available.